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The Council for University Programs is the official programming board providing campus-wide entertainment for the Northeastern University student body. We are run by students, for students.

The Executive Board

Elie Low

Elie Low



Amanda Hernandez

VP of Finance, SF Week Chair


Jenna Ross

Springfest Concert Chair


James Huessy

Showcases Chair


Casey Price

Lectures Chair


Toni Tiemann

Small Concerts Chair (Fall)


Melissa Flaxman

Small Concerts Chair (Spring)


Carolina Rapta

Social Marketing Chair


Kaitlyn Labich

Street Marketing Chair


Rachel Iaconis

Special Events Chair


Jordan Beckvonpeccoz

Head of Design (Fall & Spring)


Jared Pike

Head of Design (Spring)

Get Involved

Become a member of a committee! Each committee has weekly meetings where your input is valued greatly. You can learn more about our committees by clicking on the buttons below.

Small Concerts

Want to help bring your favorite musical artists to Northeastern? Here's your chance. All Small Concerts committee members' opinions are extremely valuable in deciding who we bring to campus, as we recruit both local and national talent from a wide range of styles. The Small Concerts committee helps book artists for afterHOURS, Northeastern's very own music venue in the Curry Student Center. Past performances include Surfer Blood, Youth Lagoon, Neon Indian, Magic Man, Betty Who, New Politics, Kevin Devine, Anthony Green, A Rocket to the Moon, Bayside, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, and many more!

In addition to making your voice heard, as a member of the Small Concerts committee you have the opportunity to help with concert production on the day of the show. This includes everything from helping the bands with their equipment to setting up dressing rooms. At Small Concerts meetings, you'll be exposed to the booking process and have the opportunity to interact with industry professionals acting as guest speakers.


The Showcases Committee is in charge of coordinating and producing comedy and magic shows on campus. Showcases members need to have their ear to the ground of both national and local comedy/magic goings on and will often times be forced to "think outside the box" in order to put on an amazing show.

Previous acts brought by the Showcases Committee are Improv Asylum, Doug Benson, Ralphie May, Brooks Wheelan, Hannibal Buress, The Whitest Kids U Know, and many others.


When thinking of lectures don't think of the 8 AM you have on Mondays. CUP brings speakers and lecturers to campus that provide humor, insight, inspiration, and awareness. From authors to actors to scientists, we offer events for every interest.

In the past, this committee has brought speakers such as Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development), Mayim Bialik (Big Bang Theory), Piper Kerman (author of Orange is the New Black), Nev Schulman (host and creator of Catfish), Johnny Earle (founder of Johnny Cupcakes), and Adrian Grenier (Entourage).

Springfest Week

Members of The Springfest Week Committee work together to plan the highly anticipated annual week of events leading up to the big Springfest Concert every April. Each year, a new theme is decided amongst members to go along with the week’s daily events. With that comes the fun of deciding the theme’s slogan, planning t-shirt designs and other swag that will be given out (for free!) at all of the week’s events.

Each Springfest Week includes a Showcase, Guest Speaker, concert at AfterHours, and is then rounded out with other events planned by this committee, such a Carnival in the Centennial Commons, trivia night, and more (ranging from scavenger hunts to lazer tag). The committee will be in the forefront of planning the week and will be able to volunteer each day to help set up the events they helped make happen. Past Springfest years include the alien themed “NU.F.O”, and the superhero-filled “Springfest to the Rescue!”

Special Events

The Special Events Chair helps organize movie screenings, awards show viewing parties, trivia nights as well as other varied events and ideas around campus that don't fall into the other committees.

Past events include Grammy Awards Viewing Party, movie screenings of Space Jam, E.T., Argo, The Mighty Ducks and more!


The Council of University Programs Marketing Committee devises and implements promotional strategies for all CUP events. The group is responsible for generating fresh ideas for posters, flyers, banners, and any other ways to promote CUP's activities. This group is the perfect place for the creative-minded and works very closely with the Design Committee to bring the ideas to life.

The group also organizes CUP's Street Team. The Street Team handles CUP's street-level promotion, making sure everyone on campus knows about our events. We do this by hanging posters, using sidewalk chalk, and making banners and flyers to reach every student on campus. The Street Team is crucial because it is the main way out events get marketed to the student population.


The CUP Design Committee works closely with the Marketing Committee to create all of the artwork and graphic design for printed event posters, club cards, and other promotional materials, as well as for free giveaways such as t-shirts, pens, stickers, tattoos, beach balls, sunglasses, and more.

For the serious graphic design student or the casual Photoshopper, the Design Committee is the perfect place to flex your creative muscles and create something that will be seen by thousands of people!

Find Us

  • Our office is located at 230 CSC. Meet with us every Wednesday at 7:15 PM in 333 CSC.